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30 March 2014 @ 05:04 pm
[80] Luo Zhi Xiang (Show Luo)

here @ Grey dimension
11 October 2012 @ 05:06 pm

Vidder: Kitty
Title: Cartoon
Fandom: Hi My Sweetheart
Genre: Comedy, Character Study, Relationship Study
Song/Artist: "Cartoon" by Skye Sweetnam, "Boomerang" (end credits)
Software: Sony Vegas 8
Characters/Pairings: Chen Bao Zhu / Xue Hai (aka Lin Da Lang)
Summary: "I like to live like I'm in a cartoon." (I beatcha, beatcha brains out, that's how I flirt)

DOWNLOAD, STREAMING & NOTES here... @ tiklemeskittles
02 September 2012 @ 09:20 am

Vidder: Kitty
Title: Come A Little Closer
Fandom: Heartbeat Love (aka Heartbeat Once More)
Song/Artist: Come A Little Closer by Neon Bunny ; Connection by Taeyang (BONUS Credits)
Software: Sony Vegas 8
Characters/Pairing: Miss Xiao Yu / Li Wei Chen
Summary: We Found Love in Australia.

Download, Streaming & Notes @ tiklemeskittles
04 February 2012 @ 02:07 pm

I can get used to it. It's still very him and the frame tricks are pretty cool.
27 January 2011 @ 12:06 am

New song and MV from the new album titled the same. What does everyone think?
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17 October 2010 @ 10:48 pm
Since the comm is kinda... dead... and SHOW WOULD NOT STAND FOR THAT!!! So I ask, what are some of your favorite Show songs? Favorite Show moments?

One of my all-time fave Show moments is when he makes his entrance there. I don't know why but... perfect song! It's so in-character!

I love most of Show's songs so... I guess I should post this video since in a more HQ:

12 August 2010 @ 10:42 am

Lol @ 'Selina'...Collapse )
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